Meadow Argus

Space Rock, Psychedelia, Folk Art, Wyrd Folk (Australia)

Meadow Argus is the studio based musical project through which Australian composer, Jevan Cole explores the rich, deep and underlying connections between traditional folk musics, psychedelia, folklore, mythology and environmentalism. Meadow Argus’ often extended instrumental pieces, occasionally punctuated by brief lyrical interludes, come infused with a creeping unease reminiscent of pre-industrial mythic folk-lore.   

Jevan Cole is a songwriter, composer, interpreter of folk music, and multi-instrumentalist whose musical output has always veered towards the dark corners of the human psyche. As well as drawing from the deep well of traditional folk music and lore, his compositions are influenced and informed by mythic literature, esoterica and ecological soundscapes. His songs blend the earthy with the esoteric, the dirt with space, the logic with the soul. He is also a father, partner, gardener, field ecologist and environmentalist.    

Prior to establishing Meadow Argus as his main musical conduit, Cole's musical journey began with Brisbane psych-rock band, “Baton Rouge” in the mid 1980s. He then went on to found seminal Australian weird/wyrd-folk band, “One Straw”, release a solo album of fingerstyle acoustic guitar instrumentals and create several collaborative albums to critical (if not commercial) acclaim with Seamus Kirkpatrick (voice, clarinet, wooden flute) and Jan van Dijk (fiddle). Along the way, he has performed with some of Australia’s eminent folk, rock and jazz musicians in “The Toothfaeries”, “The Charlie Moorland Trio”, and “Ragged” (amongst others).   

Through Meadow Argus, Cole spreads his musical wings and expands his sonic palette to launch into outer space with tape echoes, e-bows, fuzz, synths and modulation wobbles galore, while retaining a reverential link to his established ties with the traditional folk balladry of Britain, Australia and beyond.    Meadow Argus launches into deep space on a seething bed of tape delays, ebows, synths and found sounds.



Jevan Cole is also a solo artist and is a member of the bands One Straw & Small Engine Chorus